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Why see Gary Gulman?

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The Last Comic Standing finalist from season 2 has since become a fully-fledged comic in his own right, garnering critical acclaim for his DVDs and touring work. Known for his surreal observations on everyday situations, Gulman has held a myriad of jobs throughout his twenty years trying to break into the big time; barista, waiter, doorman, accountant, and even a school scholarship football player. A gigantic six-foot, six-inch Bostonian, he has also performed on television comedy shows including Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, and John Oliver.

Having honed his craft over two decades, he has built up a loyal, if not vastly huge fanbase with his casual, everyman style of comedy, choosing carefully considered delivery over rapid-fire wit, as if his jokes are constantly evolving within his mind.

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Suitable for ages 18+ due to mature humor

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Finished Oct 21, 2023


Customer reviews

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Well crafted, biting, tender, brilliant

This show 20 Jan 2024 in Santa Barbara was great. He bares his ego, admits his insecurity and need for approval and to be recognized as smart. The reviewers that think he was bashing Jesus or Christians weren't listening! He was exceedingly admiring of Jesus's teachings, especially the Sermon on the Mount. He was quite well versed, and also managed to use some "scenes from the Bible" to great comedic success, not criticism. He might overdo a few things a bit (how much he loves it when his wife asks who's singing on a piece of music) and did make a few unwarranted insults to the audience, but that was either his anxiety and insecurity peeking out, or just uninformed stereotyping of the community. He has taken a lot of care to put together a performance that does not aim for the lowest common denominator. ... Read more

Dave O'Donnell

Gotta' disagree

We must have seen different Gary Gulman(s), I saw his show in October in Charleston, SC and Pittsburgh last night, December 9. I thought his act wandered nicely over his childhood and he wove the Seinfeld story slickly into an absolutely brilliant bit about the Sermon on the Mount. I saw his moments of "distraction" as thoughtful comic pauses, and he was self-deprecating enough to be really endearing. Loved every second of his intelligent act. I waited to meet him after the show where he continued to be warm, kind, and very giving. He was polite and considerate to my mostly home bound brother whom you can obviously see has "issues." I'll leave it at that. He is a very funny and kind gentleman. ... Read more

Nancy R.

Simply the Best

Saw Gary in Charleston, SC in Oct '23. I was mesmerized by his ability to tell a 90-minute long story filled with laughs, obscure and not so obscure references, hilarity, depth, and an enjoyable trip down memory lane, even though, like Gary, my childhood was no box of chocolates. He is the consummate entertainer - smart, sensitive, witty. The ONLY negative is that I am now spoiled - the Gul has raised the bar so high, I wonder if I'll ever enjoy a live comedy show again if it's not Gary! As for the people who are pissed that he told them to Shut the F up, well, guess what? Those around you probably wished you would too. ... Read more


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